Applicable to other industries such as food, supplements, veterinary, & cosmetics
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Applicable to other industries such as food, supplements, veterinary, & cosmetics

Advanced Algorithm to Optimize Supply Plans & Mitigate Inventory Risks

Budget-friendly Solution to bring Exceptional Cost-Efficiency

Configurable UI to Fit to Your Specific Value Chain Structure

What Problems
Do We

In the intricate realm of the pharmaceutical supply chain, vast uncertainties prevail; however, mathematics should never be one of them. With our advanced optimization and planning algorithm, you will undoubtedly position yourself advantageously amidst these uncertainties.

Here is a list of some of the problems our software addresses:

  • Inefficient supply plans with inventory risks
  • Expiry risks due to product shelf life being determined by its ingredient shelf life
  • Planning wth ever-changing Regulatory Compliance Matrix
  • Different shelf lives among different regions for same product
  • Different testing labs approved by differenet regions
  • Supply constraint
  • Capacity Constraint
  • Scenario planning
  • Increased complexity with more SKUs Added
  • Multiple DS sites and multiple DP lines and not all combinations are approved for all regions
  • Planning in a complex environment

How does it work?


"I don’t need a machine gun to shoot a mosquito. The Master Planner™ is a perfect fit for a company our size." June
"Finally, I can stick to a normal bedtime!" Terry
"The expiry analysis is exactly the kind of analysis our finance team wants to see." John
"With your software, I am no longer worried about business continuety in case of personnel changes."
"I had to let go of two employees. Thanks to The Master Planner™, I am able to manage supply planning for two products with the little time I have."
"The optimization feature is powerful, I am a planner, not a mathematician, it's nice to not have to struggle with macros."
"The one-day and 0 cost implementation is impressive!"
"I conducted a live scenario analysis with The Master Planner™ during our S&OP meeting, which led to a crucial decision on the spot."
"Deferred $500k, optimizing cash flow for 6-12 months."

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