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Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom.

-Albert Einstein

Why we started ABC-Plan?

Innovation arises from the intersection of market need and technological capability

The pharmaceutical and biotech supply chains are bound by stringent regulatory mandates, shorter shelf lives and long lead times, as well as manufacturing and capacity constraints. These elements converge to render inventory management and supply planning exceedingly intricate.


We have identified a significant gap in the market for specialized supply planning solutions.

A multitude of firms within this domain continue to rely on rudimentary tools like Excel for supply planning, even when equipped with ERP systems. The ubiquitous ERP platforms, while versatile, often fall short in addressing the unique challenges presented by the pharmaceutical and biotech supply chain intricacies. The alternative—costly, generic planning solutions—necessitates extensive customization and long deployment periods.

We are convinced that the majority of enterprises within the pharmaceutical and biotech landscape stand to gain immensely from a dedicated planning software, one that is not only tailored to their precise needs but also accessible and uncompromising in quality. Hence, we built the Master Planner™, a software engineered to bridge this gap. 

Our commitment to excellence is twofold: we concentrate on the core functionalities that drive operations, eschewing the superfluous in favor of the essential. It is within this focus that our core competencies shine—expertise deeply rooted in the industry, allied with a command of cutting-edge technology and the development of sophisticated mathematical algorithms.

We are ABC-Plan, where advancement meets application, and sophistication is simplified.

Founder Intro

June Osofsky

Co-Founder & CEO

June co-founded ABC-Plan with 18 years of experience in supply chain planning and analytics in the pharmaceutical industry. She recognized a gap in the market for tools that address the unique challenges faced by the pharmaceutical supply chain, as existing solutions were either too costly or inadequate. Through firsthand experience, June saw the detrimental effects of poor supply plans, including near-miss stock-outs and excess inventory write-offs. 

To address this unmet need, June drew on her domain expertise and the latest SaaS technology to create a solution for pharmaceutical companies.June holds a Master’s degree in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University.

Michael Osofsky

Co-Founder & CTO

Michael Osofsky’s three-decade career in Silicon Valley includes significant achievements, such as co-founding the SaaS provider NetBase. He views innovation as a collaborative effort between domain experts and brilliant technologists. He is a co-inventor on 10 patents/pending, underscoring his commitment to leadership in solving critical unmet needs. His rigorous adherence to Behavior Driven Development and strict security protocols demonstrates his commitment to quality, ensuring reliable and secure products.

Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. By merging his deep technical knowledge with strategic acumen, Michael drives the development of groundbreaking solutions, redefining industry standards.

Technology Behind Our Product/Service

ABC-Plan has developed advanced algorithms with patents pending for innovative inventory optimization and expiry analysis.

Our scalable infrastructure is built on Google Cloud, and our front-end is crafted with React and TypeScript, while Python drives the back-end. Stringent security practices, embedded at every stage of our software engineering process, are crucial for enterprise pharma/biotech clients sharing vital business forecasts. 

In addition, our quality methodologies, including Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) and Test-Driven Development (TDD), ensure the reliability and integrity of our solutions. These measures enable us to scale efficiently while maintaining security and quality standards.

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Why ABC-Plan

ABC-Plan delivers a sophisticated, ready-to-use vertical planning solution, intricately engineered for the pharmaceutical and biotech supply chains. Our Software-as-a-Service is tailored to meet the distinct challenges encountered within these sectors, featuring advanced planning algorithms and a dynamic, configurable user interface designed for optimal versatility and adaptability.

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