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Designed for pharma planners by a pharma planner.

Why The Master Planner™?

The Master Planner™ is a vertical supply planning solution developed specifically for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies.  It automates end-to-end supply plans and optimize inventory at all material categories

The Master Planner™ is cloud-based and ready-to-use. It includes the following 4 modules all working together:

1. Product Structure User Interface

Our dynamic user interface is intuitively designed to enhance user experience, and to ensure adaptability to accommodate the complexity and varsatililty of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological value chains. 

Using our proprietary graphing interface, you gain the capability to construct a dynamic, multi-tiered, and multi-sourced product structure, enhanced by the added dimension of time-phasing for long term strategic foresight. The interface further serves as a vital tool in the planning of New Product Development as well as in the management of Product Life Cycle

2. Supply Plan & Optimization 

Our supply planning module is powered by an advanced planning and optimization algorithm, thoroughly accounting for regulatory compliance, supply and capacity constraints, alongside user inputs such as inventory methodology. This precision enables the system to produce optimal planned orders that strategically balance the risks of stock-out and excess inventory.  

The module is designed to accommodate a spectrum of unique situations characteristic of the pharmaceutical and biotech supply chains, including process validations, material on quality assurance hold, manufacturing campaigns, and other specialized conditions prevalent within these sectors.

3. Expiry Risk Analysis

Our Expiry Risk Analysis module represents the harmonious fusion of domain expertise with sophisticated technology. This advanced tool not only tracks when each material batch is consumed and sold but also delves into how product shelf lives are determined, rendering the shelf lives of upcoming product batches with complex structures visible for in-depth analysis. 

The Expiry Risk Analysis module is designed to give alerts regarding imminent and future expiry risks. This enables the initiation of risk mitigation strategies in a timely fashion, ensuring that corrective measures are implemented well before potential issues become critical.

4. Visual Data Representation

Our Visual Data Representation module transforms complex data into clear visual formats, enhancing your message’s clarity and impact. It offers dynamic options for adjusting the time frame you’re viewing, various display settings, and easy ways to move graphs and export data. Designed to streamline planners’ workflow, this tool boosts productivity and significantly improves the effectiveness of month-end reports and Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) meetings.

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