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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

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A picture containing person, wall, person, hand Description automatically generatedWho doesn’t like a pair of well fitted jeans?  I do.  It took me a long time to find my favorite pair.  Now that I’ve found them, I can always rely on them for comfort and support.  Style, cropped or long, flare or skinny—these are all important factors, but don’t you agree that the most crucial thing is the fit?


One size doesn’t fit all and that’s true even in software for supply planning.  There are so many companies, giant or boutique, pushed by their VCs trying to become the next “unicorn” by providing one size fits all” solutions.  There is nothing wrong with that goal, but is it possible to fit all? The hidden truth is that these supposedly universal solutions end up requiring a lot of customization.  And that translates into outrageous implementation cost.


Sound familiar?  Remember when you implemented your last one size fit all” solution, consultants flocked into your war room” and occupied it for months—even a year? And countless hours were spent on building patches and temporary workarounds, all of which came with additional invoices. 


One size doesn’t fit all is especially true when we look at the Pharmaceutical and Biotech supply chain sector. The strict regulatory control plus long lead time, short shelf life, and limited capacity result in supply chain complexity that tops other industries.


After years of first-hand experience in the pharmaceutical supply planning and analytical field, I felt it was high time we had our own supply planning solution.  ABC-Plan’s goal is not to be a “unicorn”.  Instead we aim to serve the Pharma and Biotech industry to build a best-in-class solution just for you, our peers.  Ask our early adopters, implementation took only a couple of days.  Different shelf life among jurisdictions?  Check.  Regulatory control?  Check.  Expiry projection?  Check.  Validation batches? Manufacturing campaign?  Check and Check…so check us out!

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